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Nowadays mobile and desktop applications giving you clear information with regards to monitoring user Daily activities like personal health and your diet and monthly expenditures, even personal appointments to be fixed and etc.. Health is wealth for everyone.  Everyone should concentrate on the healthy diet and how to be fit and regular excises keep improving your health. This application will be very useful for users.

Below find the application available in the Android Play store:

SNAP HEALTH: The smartest app to manage your medical records

Key Features:

It is a difficult task to carry all our medical records in an organized manner during your doctor’s visit. Some records are with us and some lie forgotten back home. This app helps you carry your medical records with you anywhere, on the go. Tracking health records has never been easier!

Health record monitoring today is the key for any individual’s wellbeing, yet one of the most neglected aspects. With this app, we help patients maintain their personal health records, assort them and easily share it with your healthcare provider, doctor or even a friend.

  • Add report using mobile camera
  • Browse and existing report
  • Sync reports to Google drive
  • Secured sharing of the report with a doctor
  • SMS and email report directly
  • Track entire family records.


Find the below link to install the snap health app in your device:

 Steps to be followed to install the above application:

  1. Install the Snap Health app into your Mobile
  2. Register your Family Profiles into App
  3. Take snapshot or click of your health document and save it on your mobile.
  4. Save the documents on your mobile or cloud drive
  5. Sync: access your reports from anywhere by synching it with your cloud drive
  6. Share: share the reports with your doctor in a secured manner


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