Play PUBG Mobile game and win 1 crore

Now the youngsters and children in India are now busy with the Pub G mobile game. Once the students come to the Watsap Chats, the time to pass in social media. But now the pub is very busy lying in the mobile game. And this game is more popularity The game creator Ten Cent games are regularly organized by the Pub Ki Tournament. The 2019 tournament will be held in the pub  Mobile India series.

The Pub G-Mobile Campus Championship was held last year and it received an unprecedented response from the publishers of the publishers. In the meantime, Ten Cents will be launching the Pub G-Mobile India Series 2019 with the games company Mobiles manufacturer Oppa. Registration has already started since the date of this month This entry is valid till 21st to 28th in the Game Qualifiers. From the 9th to 24th of the playoffs, the grand finals will be on March 10. The tournament winner will have a cash prize of Rs 30 lakh Money is given. Those who have secured a place of Rs 10 lakh will be given Rs 5 lakhs while they are in the 3rd place. While a quarter of the pub, according to the cash prize, s is the pre-G mobile India 2019 is to make the registration.

Levels in PUBG India series Game:

In-Game Qualifier: Once your squad of 4 members is ready, you will need to play 15 Classic mode matches in Erangel with your registered India Series squad. Out of the first 15 matches, your best 10 matches will be considered towards the final result. The result is based on kills and finishing position – if there is a tie, other parameters like Survival time, accuracy etc., will be considered. Remember, In-game Qualifier is only for 7 days from Jan 21 to Jan 27 and matches played only during this period will be considered. Make sure you play 15 matches with your registered squad as soon as it opens on 21st Jan.

Online Playoffs: Online Playoffs will be played across 3 rounds from Feb 10 to Feb 24. We’ll describe each of these rounds to you in a bit of detail.

In Round 1, the Top 2000 Squads are seeded into 100 groups with each group consisting of 20 squads. All these groups will play in Best of 1, position based knockout match. The top 4 squads from each group will move on to Round 2.

In Round 2, the top 400 squads from Round 1 will be seeded into 20 groups again, with each group consisting of 20 squads. These 400 squads play in a Best of 1, position based knockout match. Once again, the top 4 squads from each group move on to Round 3.

In Round 3, the top 80 squads from Round 2 will be seeded into 4 groups, each consisting of 20 squads. These 80 squads will play best of 3 points-based knockout matches. The top 5 squads from each group will move on to the much- awaited grand finale.

1 10 Feb – 15 Feb Best of 1 4
2 16 Feb – 19 Feb Best of 1 4
3 21 Feb – 24 Feb Best of 3 5

Grand Finale: Top 20 Teams from Online Play-Offs move to the Grand Finale. Grand Finale will happen in March. Exact dates and other details about the Grand Finale will be

Point’s distribution:

Each kill will get 20 points

Applicable for best of 3 and best of 5 matches.

1st 500
2nd 395
3rd 350
4th 315
5th 285
6th 260
7th 240
8th 220
9th 200
10th 180
11th 160
12th 150
13th 140
14th 130
15th 120
16th 110
17th 100
18th 90
19th 80
20th 70


Prize Pool:

1st Rs.30,00,000
2nd Rs.10,00,000
3rd Rs.5,00,000
4th Rs.2,00,000
5th Rs.1,50,000
6th Rs.1,00,000
7th Rs.80,000
8th Rs.70,000
9th Rs.50,000
10th Rs.50,000
11th Rs.50,000
12th Rs.50,000
13th Rs.50,000
14th Rs.50,000
15th Rs.50,000
16th Rs.50,000
17th Rs.50,000
18th Rs.50,000
19th Rs.50,000
20th Rs.50,000



Online Play-Offs Round 1 50 Oppo Phones Top 50 players with highest kills in Round 1
Online Play-Offs Round 2 20 Oppo Phones A player with highest kills in each game
Online Play-Offs Round 3 12 Oppo Phones A player with highest kills in each game
Grand Finals 80 Oppo Phones All finalists


MVP Rs.50,000 Awarded for a player with maximum MVP
THE EXTERMINATORS Rs.50,000 Awarded for the team with maximum kills
THE HEALERS Rs.50,000 Awarded to the team with the highest number of revives
THE REDEEMER Rs.50,000 Awarded to the player with the highest health restored
THE LONE RANGER Rs.50,000 Awarded for maximum kills in one lobby
THE RAMPAGE FREAK Rs.50,000 Awarded to the player with maximum survival time

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