Do’s and Don’ts New Years Events

The New Year Celebrations will kick out you at party mood and full of fun and enjoyment with friends at pubs and restaurants and shopping malls and resorts. Most of us all celebrating New Year with friends and family….. Do’s for New Year Celebrations:

Do’s and Don’ts new years events

  • Plan your 31st where to go for party Night
  • Dance with friends at a pub or resort or Hotel
  • Make some calls to your family members, friends and relatives post midnight and greet them with new year wishes
  • Don’t forget to charge you’re mobile. Otherwise, you missed out to take some good photos on 31st night celebrations. Because the need to share those photos on Instagram and Facebook and social media platforms
  • Do kiss your partner. Studies have shown that people that get kissed at midnight New Year’s Eve are 72% more optimistic about the upcoming year. So the best way to ring in the New Year is a perfect kiss with your beloved and champagne for your midnight toast.
  • Ride safe: book a cab or have a designated driver before drinking and ride safely. You would not like to start the year with a challan receipt for drunk driving.
  • Carry cash or cards with a full limit for New Year celebrations to enjoy at peaks level.

Don’s for New Year Celebrations:

  • Don’t drink too much wine for the New Year. If you drink too much you will miss out the party night.
  • “Consumption of intoxicating drinks, indecent behavior, rash driving” to be followed during celebrations for the New Year.
  • Don’t party hop. It seemed like a good idea at the time–a whirlwind of parties and a plethora of pretty friends. Besides the hassle of getting around, you’re bound to end up ringing in the New Year in the back seat of your friend’s car, lost in traffic somewhere. Stay put and party on. Remember: You are the party you’ve been searching for.
  • Reach home safely.

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